We live in an age of contrasts. While our collective resources have never been higher, health disparity has also grown. In some parts of the world you can have a world-class surgeon working on you remotely from another continent, in others you won’t even find basic care. This seems absurd.

We live in the most exciting time in human history. With today’s ease of access to knowledge and technology, the power to make a difference on a mass-scale is at our fingertips — and with that gift, comes responsibility. This is a driving motivation behind Kiipo’s founding--part of the movement restoring corporate responsibility on a social level. We intend to leave the world a better place than when we inherited it.

Work hard, have fun, and go change the world.


We dream of a future where everybody has access to the tools they need to become a better, healthier version of themselves. A future where everyday people are empowered to manage their health, and where medical professionals everywhere have the knowledge and tools to better deliver care.


Kiipo is founded on the principle that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life.  We bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and people, striving to make the most advanced health technology available to everyone in the world. Kiipo creates products that enable everyone to achieve better health; from empowering people to take control of their health, to providing health professionals everywhere with the tools they need to deliver quality care.


The idea for Kiipo came to cofounders Chris and Jordan - while road tripping on the Big Island of Hawaii. During the summer of 2015, while celebrating their release of Ethiopia’s first full-circle EMS (Emergency Medical Services) system, the two were camping on Mauna Loa volcano when the idea started to take shape. After spending the better parts of a year and a half, Chris and Jordan had coordinated the release of the system to critical (local) acclaim. That success totally went to their heads, and with youthful exuberance led them to a life changing decision: start a company aimed at utilizing technology and empathy-driven design to provide everyone access to better health.

In the fall of 2015, the two moved to Taipei, Taiwan to start what would become Kiipo.

[human, body, self]
states of being
[peace, harmony, balance]
circle of life
[state of 'perfect' health]

Kino meaning the human, the body, the self. Pono meaning peace, harmony, and balance. Together, Kino Pono is a state of physical, emotional, and intellectual balance, a idealized state of ‘perfect’ health.

This state of balance is not static, but dynamic—in constant flux and flow. It is the interaction between these different states that creates our health.



Chris Peng

Chris Peng

Chris brings his experience in product development from his work on several products starting with his work at HTC on the Dynamical Biomarkers Group's entry into the Tricorder XPRIZE. Since then, he managed the design and engineering effort in the creation of Ethiopia's first Emergency Medical System. Although his background is electrical and software engineering, he is passionate about designing for social impact. Prior to his time at HTC, he spent 6 months as a volunteer in Northern Thailand where he taught technology skills to underprivileged children as a ladder out of poverty. Chris also worked with local nonprofits to improve their business models. Thailand was his first foray into sustainable social impact, since then he’s done work in Ethiopia, China, and Taiwan.

Jordan Masys

Jordan Masys

Prior to founding Kiipo, Jordan was one of the founding team members of Nordic Medical Centre, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As its Business Development Executive, he helped design its unique self-sustaining healthcare business model, which led to it becoming one of Ethiopia’s leading hospitals. With a background in systems thinking, he also went on to create a framework and lead the implementation for Ethiopia’s first 911-type Emergency Medical Services, training and managing the staff on the ground. Jordan’s experiences have led him to believe creativity, passion, and empathy are tantamount to achieving impactful solutions, and he has brought this mindset to Kiipo.

Advisory Board

Paul A. Golden

Chief Marketing and Strategy Advisor


Paul Golden is a transformational marketing leader with expertise built from the disciplined strategic rigor of classic brand management, the fast-paced world of wireless and entrepreneurial technology roles. He brings unparalleled expertise from his experiences serving as CMO for Samsung’s US mobile phone business where he led the creation and launch of the Galaxy brand of mobile devices and dramatically changed consumer perceptions of the Samsung brand, propelling the brand to become a leader in the US mobile phone market.

For the past 5 years Paul has worked as a brand and marketing strategy consultant for US and Asian based clients in technology, wireless, healthcare, business services and other industries—including serving as VP of Business Development for the Wireless Power Consortium.

Andrew Ahn, MD


Medical Advisor

Dr. Andrew Ahn is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Radiology at Harvard Medical School. He is faculty member at both the Massachusetts General Hospital Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Division of General Medicine and Primary Care – located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Andrew is a clinical-researcher who spends part of his time as a clinician. His engineering/physics background allows him a unique perspective in medicine. He has applied his engineering expertise to the study of electrical properties of the human body, biophysical mechanisms of acupuncture, non-linear analyses of physiological signals, and systems-approaches to clinical medicine.

He served as lead medical advisor for Team Dynamical Biomarkers in the XPRIZE Tricorder competition. Andrew brings his years of clinical experience as well has his technical know-how to the Kiipo development team.

Kjell Kiplesund, MD

Medical Advisor


Dr. Kjell Kiplesund is a specialist in general and vascular surgery with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder of Nordic Medical Centre located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and has worked in Ethiopia for over 15 years as both medical director and CEO in both public and private hospitals. A renowned doctor, he is revered in the region for his charitable work and dedication to his vision of increasing health standards in Ethiopia.In 2018 he was awarded Norway’s Royal Order of Merit by H.M. King Harald of Norway for his outstanding contributions to improving health services in Ethiopia.

Richard Kiplesund

Operations Advisor, Africa Expert


Richard brings vast operations experience from various sectors. As the Chief Operating Officer and founding team member of Nordic Medical Centre (NMC), located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Richard has been instrumental in establishing a self-sustaining hospital in a challenging environment. Under his leadership over the last 5 years, NMC has become one of the leading hospitals in Ethiopia.

Stella Chang

People Development


As Marketing Director at DDI, for the last nine years Stella has taught Leadership Development, Talent Selection and Talent Management to top firms across Greater China. Clients span all markets and categories and include Adidas, Dow Corning, Home Depot, Philips, etc. She brings years of leadership experience and training experience, helping Kiipo find and foster talent. As a startup, development of talent is one of Kiipo’s top priorities.

Elson Lin

Design Advisor


If you know anything about smartphones, you’ve probably interacted or heard about a phone that Elson designed. Currently at VIVO, Elson is serving as the Design Lead on VIVO’s new design team based in Hangzhou. Prior to VIVO, Elson was Principal Designer at Huawei, where he led the design for the Huawei P20, widely-acclaimed as Huawei’s best phone ever. Before that, at HTC, he was lead the team to help Google realize their designs for both generations of the Pixel (Pixel 2016; Pixel 2 2017).

Anthony J. Masys, PhD

Global Disaster Management and Security Advisor


Anthony Masys, PhD is an Associate Professor and Director of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security at the University of South Florida. A former senior Air Force Officer and Defence Scientist, his specializations range from safety and security, to crisis and disaster management, to complex socio-technical system analysis. He is an internationally recognized author, speaker and facilitator and has held workshops on security, design thinking and systems thinking across all continents. He also holds various advisory board positions with academic journals and books series.

At SEWF 2020, we premiered Every Drop Matters, a documentary about the small hospital in Ethiopia that inspired us to start a company.